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Binomial Name: Pterophyllum Scalare

I greet all of you, as always, with my most sincere feelings and love. Pterophyllum scalare, which is the favorite of many hobbyists and collectors, is angel fish.

What makes Pterophyllum scalare (Angelfish) so special is undoubtedly the mature, unique and unique attitude they have displayed in aquariums. I think it would not be enough to praise these creatures who spend their time in the aquarium by gliding like an angel by giving their names the right and spending time with a legendary beauty in front of you. Just before I move up to my long praised sentences about Pterophyllum scalare (Angel Fish), I want to start with the bad aspects that I want to be a warning.First of all, Pterophyllum scalare (angel fish) are always very gentle, weak lady mistress creatures, regardless of the age and color. The difficulty of making a brooding angel sick and the difficulty of making a young angel sick, of course, are not the same, but there is probably a small difference in resistance that can disappoint you all. The level of tolerance that we are accustomed to seeing in many aquarium creatures is almost absent in these creatures. If they are disturbed by anything that they do not want, in short, from poor quality feed, of poor quality water conditions, they will take their path with you in a very short time.Apart from that, Pterophyllum scalare (angel fish), which are extremely hunter fish, unfortunately not only angels but also dog faces when they see them in the live food category. Pterophyllum scalares, which have many varieties in the market, are basically three colors (three different colors usually consist of black and white and orange colors and are named in various ways according to their predominance, for example three colors with orange intensity, super orange three color or three with white weight. Colors can be classified as super white three colors) Smokey Pterophyllum scalare (in their bodies are black and green as well as a bright green color reminiscent of neon tetras, their bodies appear on average in two parts) Tulle tail for these creatures with numerous variations such as these In addition to the fact that the tails were replaced with long splendid tails, which allow them to make short sudden hard moves as a result of breeding and taming with sailing wing expressions, it also contributes to the formation of a different variety in these species. Gies. As I have always mentioned, I will once again greet you with respect and love from this string of texts, which I will publish in pieces because of the word limitation. And most importantly, I wish you healthy days.

Our grandparents and fathers always say that people can make mistakes when talking.So I'm sorry if I made a mistake. Thenks for your time